Engineering Careers

Finetune your professional focus by exploring the diverse variety of engineering careers you can pursue after earning your degree, including — but not limited to — the in-demand computer science roles listed below. Learn how to prepare for different types of engineering jobs by identifying the education levels, day-to-day activities, professional values, and work styles each opportunity requires. Whether you're a seasoned expert or a recent graduate, this is your one-of-a-kind opportunity to dive in, acquire knowledge, and steer your journey toward personal and professional success in the exciting and ever-evolving field of engineering.

Software Developers

Research, design, and develop computer and network software or specialized utility programs. Analyze user needs and develop software solutions, applying principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis. Update software or enhance existing software capabilities. May work with computer hardware engineers to integrate hardware and software systems, and develop specifications and performance requirements. May maintain databases within an application area, working individually or coordinating database development as part of a team.

Blockchain Engineers

Maintain and support distributed and decentralized blockchain-based networks or block-chain applications such as cryptocurrency exchange, payment processing, document sharing, and digital voting. Design and deploy secure block-chain design patterns and solutions over geographically distributed networks using advanced technologies. May assist with infrastructure setup and testing for application transparency and security.

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