White Earth Tribal and Community College

Mahnomen, MN

White Earth Tribal and Community College (WETCC) is a higher education institution located in White Earth, Minnesota, which serves the White Earth Reservation and surrounding areas. Established in 1997, the college is committed to providing quality education and empowering the Native American community through culturally relevant programs and services. With a focus on tribal sovereignty, economic development, and self-determination, WETCC offers a variety of associate degree and certificate programs, as well as continuing education opportunities to meet the diverse needs of its students.

WETCC takes pride in its unique approach to education, which centers on incorporating indigenous traditions, customs, and values into the curriculum. The faculty and staff at WETCC are dedicated to promoting native languages, cultures, and histories, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment that celebrates Native American heritage. The college offers programs in various fields, including business, early childhood education, liberal arts, health sciences, and natural resources management. Students benefit from small class sizes, personalized attention, and hands-on learning experiences that help them develop skills and knowledge relevant to their communities' needs.

Beyond academics, WETCC supports students' holistic development by providing a range of support services, including counseling, tutoring, and career guidance. The college also offers extracurricular activities, such as cultural events, powwows, and sports teams, to promote social connections and a strong sense of community. WETCC is deeply involved in promoting local economic development initiatives and spearheading projects that enhance the reservation's infrastructure and resources.

In summary, White Earth Tribal and Community College is a vital higher education institution dedicated to enhancing the lives of Native American students through culturally relevant education and support services. By blending traditional indigenous values with modern academic programs, WETCC empowers its students to become leaders and change-makers within their communities. With a focus on tribal sovereignty, cultural preservation, and economic development, the college is playing a crucial role in advancing the self-determination and educational attainment of Native American people in the region.

White Earth Tribal and Community College is a private two-year college with graduate programs located in Mahnomen, MN. This school follows a semester-based calendar. Here are some current data on important things to consider about White Earth Tribal and Community College.

Quick Facts




Before sending an application to any college or university, the financial component should be taken into account. The latest information on the expenses that most students at this school incur are detailed below.

Tuition and Fees

Wondering about tuition at White Earth Tribal and Community College? Here is what you need to know.

As a full-time domestic student, you were required to pay tuition of $4,080 in 2021. As White Earth Tribal and Community College is a private institution, there is no difference in tuition for out-of-state or international students. Full-time students in 2021 were required to pay additional fees in the amount of $1,100.

Books and Supplies

Another important financial factor to take into consideration is the estimated cost of books and supplies for a college or university. Most students have to spend about $2,200 for books and supplies during their time at White Earth Tribal and Community College.


Before you apply to a college or university, you should, among other things, think about the price of a dorm room and cafeteria meals. What do colleges and universities typically charge for room and board?

In 2021, the price of room and board at White Earth Tribal and Community College was $7,175 per academic year.

Tuition $ 4,080
Room and Board $ 7,175
Book and Supplies $ 2,200
Total Expense $ 13,455


White Earth Tribal and Community College is located in Mahnomen, MN.

According to the latest information, the tuition for White Earth Tribal and Community College is 4,080 USD a year.

Contact Information

White Earth Tribal and Community College,

102 3rd Street NE

Mahnomen, MN


218 935-0417

School Website

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