Ogeechee Technical College

Statesboro, GA

Ogeechee Technical College is a two-year technical college located in Statesboro, Georgia. Established in 1987, the college aims to provide quality education and hands-on training to prepare students for successful careers in various industries. Ogeechee Tech offers more than 35 programs of study, including fields such as healthcare, business, computer technology, and industrial trades.

The college has a strong commitment to its students' success and offers a supportive learning environment. Ogeechee Tech has dedicated faculty and staff who are experts in their respective fields and are passionate about helping students achieve their goals. The college also provides various resources and services, such as tutoring, career counseling, and job placement assistance, to ensure that students have the necessary support to excel in their chosen career paths.

In addition to its academic programs, Ogeechee Tech is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and practical training opportunities. The college has well-equipped labs and workshops that allow students to gain hands-on experience and develop the skills needed for their future careers. Ogeechee Tech also collaborates with local businesses and industries to provide internship and apprenticeship opportunities for students, further enhancing their learning experiences and job prospects.

Overall, Ogeechee Technical College is a dynamic institution that offers a wide range of career-focused programs and resources to help students succeed in their chosen fields. With its commitment to excellence, practical training opportunities, and supportive learning environment, Ogeechee Tech prepares students for rewarding careers and a bright future.

Ogeechee Technical College is a public two-year college with graduate programs located in Statesboro, GA. It has a campus size of 8 acres. This educational institution operates on a semester-based calendar. The freshman retention rate at Ogeechee Technical College is 56%.

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Quick Facts


Total Number of Undergraduate Students


Student to Faculty Ratio


Knowing as much as possible about the school's criteria for admission improves your chances of getting admitted. What are the admission requirements for Ogeechee Technical College?

As far as admission difficulty is considered, based on data self-reported by the institution this school is relatively noncompetitive.

Retention Rate

The student retention rate is the percentage of students who re-enroll from one year to the next. This piece of data is important as it can reveal to the prospective students how many freshmen liked the school enough to return to it as sophomores.

As reported in 2022, the freshman retention rate for Ogeechee Technical College was 56%.

Student Body

Making the decision of which school is the right fit for you is not simple. You can better comprehend the culture and life of the school by learning more about the student body.

Main Student Body

In 2022, the school enrolled 2,045 students.

That year, the school had 2.39% of out-of-state students. There was a total of 2,045 undergraduate students, including 1 international students.

Student Population Gender Ratio

The student body is coeducational, with 293 male and 471 female full-time students in 2022, which is indicative of the importance this institution places on gender equality.

Student Population Diversity

Higer Education is committed to expanding the diversity of its student body and improving students' sense of inclusion and belonging. Diversity promotes critical thinking, challenges preconceived notions, and encourages intellectual growth, so it helps students develop empathy and a broader understanding of the world. Find out more about different ethnic groups you can meet at Ogeechee Technical College.

In 2022, out of the total number of students enrolled at the institution, the number of Asian students was 8, while the number of African American students was 537. 107 students at this school identified as Hispanic/Latino and 48 identified with more than one race. The school also had 5 students who declared as Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, as well as 9 American Indian or Alaska Native students. There were also 5 students whose ethnicity is unknown.


Financial planning for school is one of the most important things to think about before you apply. Here are some details you should know about the expenses at Ogeechee Technical College that the majority of students face.

Tuition and Fees

If you were wondering how much the tuition cost for Ogeechee Technical College is, here are some recent data that will come in handy.

For local residents, public county and municipal institutions reported that tuition costs were $2,400. Tuition fees were $4,800 for students coming from out of state. For international students, tuition fees at this school were $4,800, as well. Fees per academic year required of full-time students reached $740 in 2022.

Tuition Fees Total
Out-of-State $4,800 $740 $5,540
In-State $2,400 $740 $3,140

Books and Supplies

The estimated cost of books and supplies for a college or university should also be taken into account as another significant financial element. The approximate cost of books and supplies for full-time students of this school is $898.

Tuition $ 2,400
Book and Supplies $ 898
Total Expense $ 3,298




Student to Faculty Ratio

Knowing more about a school's faculty can help you gauge the caliber of the education it can provide to you.

In 2022, this ratio at Ogeechee Technical College was 6:1. That means that there were 6 times more students than teachers at this school. The total number of faculty teaching at the institution is 23. This number included 12 male and 11 female faculty members.

Student Population Diversity Graph



Ogeechee Technical College is located in Statesboro, GA.

The most recent reported freshman retention rate for Ogeechee Technical College is 56%.

Contact Information

Ogeechee Technical College,

One Joe Kennedy Boulevard

Statesboro, GA


912 681-5500

School Website

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