Morgan Community College

Fort Morgan, CO

Morgan Community College (MCC) is a public community college located in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Established in 1970, MCC serves a diverse student population from the rural communities of Morgan County and surrounding areas. With a mission to provide accessible and affordable education, the college offers a wide range of programs and courses to meet the diverse needs and interests of its students.

MCC provides educational opportunities in various fields of study such as agriculture, business, health sciences, humanities, social sciences, and more. The college offers associate degree programs, certificate programs, and transfer programs to four-year colleges and universities. Students can choose from a variety of career-oriented programs designed to prepare them for immediate employment or pursue a higher level of education.

MCC is committed to student success and offers academic support services such as tutoring, advising, and career counseling. The college also provides opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations, fostering a sense of community and providing students with valuable experiences outside the classroom. With its dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to student achievement, Morgan Community College provides an excellent educational experience for students looking to enhance their skills, career prospects, or continue their education.

Morgan Community College is a public four-year college located in Fort Morgan, CO. Its campus is 20 acres in size. This educational institution operates on a semester-based calendar. The freshman retention rate at Morgan Community College is 62%.

To find out more about what Morgan Community College has to offer to its students, read on for the latest data reported by this school.

Quick Facts


Total Number of Undergraduate Students


Student to Faculty Ratio


If you know as much as possible about the institution's criteria for admission, you can make a better judgment about your eligibility and boost your chances of getting accepted. How difficult is it to get admitted to Morgan Community College and what are the admission requirements?

As far as admission difficulty is considered, based on data self-reported by the institution this school is relatively noncompetitive.

Retention Rate

The percentage of freshmen at a college or university who stay on for their second year is known as the freshman retention rate. Why is that information important? Because it tells you if the majority of freshmen enjoyed their first year at a school enough to come back.

As reported in 2023, the freshman retention rate for Morgan Community College was 62%.

Student Body

Figuring out which school is the right fit for you is not a task you should take lightly. Obtaining a better insight into a school's student body helps you learn more about its culture and life.

Main Student Body

In 2023, the school enrolled 1,474 students.

That year, the institution had 1% of out-of-state students. There was a total of 1,474 undergraduate students, including 23 international students. The number of transfer students at this school was 36.

Student Population Gender Ratio

The student body is coeducational, with 105 male and 222 female full-time students in 2023, which is indicative of the value gender equality has at this school.

Student Population Diversity

Higher Education is dedicated to increasing student diversity and enhancing students' feelings of inclusion and belonging. Diversity promotes critical thinking, challenges preconceived notions, and encourages intellectual growth, so it helps students develop empathy and a broader understanding of the world. Discover more about the many ethnic communities that go to this school.

In 2023, out of the total number of students enrolled at the institution, the number of students of Asian origin was 7, while the number of African American students was 40. 333 undergraduates at this school identified as Hispanic/Latino and 21 as multirace. The school also had 1 student who declared as Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, as well as 10 American Indian or Alaska Native students. There were also 94 students whose ethnicity is unknown.


Before you send an application to any college or university, you should take into account the financial component. The latest information on the expenses that most students at this school incur are detailed below.

Tuition and Fees

Here are some numbers that can help you better understand the estimated tuition fees for this university.

If you are an area resident, your tuition was $3,680. Tuition fees were $15,102 for students coming from out of state. For international students, tuition fees at this school amounted to $15,102, as well. Full-time students in 2023 needed to pay additional fees in the amount of $146.

Tuition Fees Total
Out-of-State $15,102 $146 $15,248
In-State $3,680 $146 $3,826

Books and Supplies

When you try to estimate the cost of attendance for a college or university, you need to think about the cost of books and supplies you're going to need. Most students have to spend about $1,800 for books and supplies during their time at Morgan Community College.

Tuition $ 3,680
Book and Supplies $ 1,800
Total Expense $ 5,480



Student to Faculty Ratio

Getting information about the faculty at a school can help you estimate the quality of education you will receive there.

According to the most recent data, the student-faculty ratio at Morgan Community College was 14:1: that means 14 students per one teacher. The faculty of this school consists of 93 members, according to the most recent data reported.

Campus Life

Knowing what to expect out of campus life at a college or university can set you up for success. Check out some details about students' life at Morgan Community College.

Student Organizations

Being a member of a student organization will make you connect better with your fellow students and enjoy your college years more.

You have a passion for media and communication? Morgan Community College publishes its own newspaper.

Career Services

Having career services at a college or university can mean a great deal for your career planning, so find out what you can expect at Morgan Community College.

Career Counselling

At Morgan Community College, there is both group career counseling for all students and individual career counseling for all students. Individual job placement is available to all students at this school.


Morgan Community College is located in Fort Morgan, CO.

The most recent reported freshman retention rate for Morgan Community College is 62%.

Contact Information

Morgan Community College,

920 Barlow Road

Fort Morgan, CO


970 542-3100

School Website

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