Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute

Brooklyn, NY

Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute is a prominent religious institution located in the heart of New York City. Founded in 1920, the institute is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition and is committed to providing an exceptional education in Torah studies and Jewish law. With a rich history spanning over a century, the institute has cultivated a strong community of scholars, teachers, and students who are dedicated to upholding the values and teachings of the Torah.

The institute offers a variety of programs and courses designed to cater to individuals from diverse backgrounds and levels of religious knowledge. From beginner-level classes to advanced Talmudic studies, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the timeless wisdom and teachings of Jewish texts. The faculty at Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute is renowned for their expertise and passion for teaching, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education that is both intellectually stimulating and spiritually enriching.

In addition to its academic pursuits, Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute actively participates in community engagement and outreach programs. The institute organizes regular events, lectures, and workshops that promote dialogue and understanding between different faith communities. Furthermore, students at the institute are encouraged to engage in acts of charity and social justice, emphasizing the importance of living a compassionate and righteous life in accordance with Jewish values. Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute continues to be a respected institution within the Jewish community, fostering a strong sense of faith, knowledge, and community among its members.

Located in Brooklyn, NY, Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute is a private four-year college. This institution follows a semester-based calendar. It has an acceptance rate of 100%. Read more about what you can expect if you get into Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute.

Quick Facts


Total Number of Undergraduate Students


Acceptance Rate




If you know as much as possible about the institution's criteria for admission, you can make a better judgment about your eligibility and boost your chances of getting accepted. Discover some vital info about admission policy and requirements at Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute.

In 2021, the school accepted 17 new students.

Student Body

Figuring out which school is the right fit for you is not a task you should take lightly. Knowing more about the student population can help you get a better understanding of the school's culture and life.

Main Student Body

The total number of students enrolled at Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute in 2021 was 97.


One of the most crucial things to take into consideration when applying to any college or university is the financial component. Here are some details you should know about the expenses at Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute that the majority of students face.

Tuition and Fees

Here are some numbers that can help you better understand the estimated tuition fees for this university.

Tuition fees per academic year for full-time domestic students were $10,350 in 2021. As this is a private institution, there is no difference in tuition for out-of-state or international students.

Books and Supplies

The estimated price of books and supplies for a college or university should also be taken into consideration as another important expense. The cost of books and supplies for full-time students of this school is estimated at about $200.


When choosing a college, you should factor in the price of a dorm room and meals at the school cafeteria. What do schools typically charge for accommodation and meals?

In 2021, room and board cost at Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute amounted to $4,150 a year.

Tuition $ 10,350
Room and Board $ 4,150
Book and Supplies $ 200
Total Expense $ 14,700


Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute is located in Brooklyn, NY.

The overall full-time tuition per academic year for Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute is 10,350 USD, based on the most recent data.

According to the latest information, the acceptance rate for Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute is 100%.

Contact Information

Beth HaMedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute,

4102-10 Sixteenth Avenue

Brooklyn, NY


718 854-2290

School Website

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