Assumption College for Sisters

Denville, NJ

Assumption College for Sisters is a small and specialized Catholic college located in Mendham, New Jersey. Established in 1953, the college offers a unique educational experience tailored specifically for religious women who have dedicated their lives to serving the Church and its missions. Although it primarily caters to members of the religious community, it also welcomes laywomen who are interested in pursuing theological studies or a vocation in the Church.

As the only college of its kind in the United States, Assumption College for Sisters provides programs exclusively for the education and formation of religious women. The college offers a two-year associate degree in religious studies, focusing on various theological, scriptural, and pastoral topics. The curriculum imparts religious knowledge and practical skills necessary for effective service in the Church, enabling students to deepen their understanding of their faith and develop a strong foundation for their vocational roles.

Apart from its academic offerings, Assumption College for Sisters also provides a supportive and nurturing environment for religious women to grow personally and spiritually. By fostering a sense of community and sisterhood, the college aims to create a space where students can engage in deep reflection, cultivate their spirituality, and form lifelong connections with fellow sisters. With a small campus and a student-faculty ratio of 5:1, the college ensures personalized attention and mentorship for each student, allowing for a more enriching education experience. Ultimately, Assumption College for Sisters serves as a dedicated institution that empowers religious women to enhance their religious knowledge and skills, equipping them for their important roles in the Church.

Located in Denville, NJ and set in a rural environment, Assumption College for Sisters is a private two-year college with graduate programs. Its campus is 112 acres in size. This school follows a semester-based calendar. The freshman retention rate at Assumption College for Sisters is 100%.

Here are some important information on important things to consider about Assumption College for Sisters.

Quick Facts


Total Number of Undergraduate Students




Student to Faculty Ratio


In order to maximize your chances of getting admitted, you need to know as much as possible about the school's criteria for admission. Learn some vital facts about admission at Assumption College for Sisters.

As far as admission difficulty is considered, based on data self-reported by the institution this school is relatively noncompetitive.

Retention Rate

What is the freshman retention rate? The freshman retention rate is the percentage of full-time students who entered the institution as freshmen in the previous academic year and returned for the fall term of the current academic year. That information can tell you if the majority of new students liked their first year enough to come back.

The freshman retention rate for Assumption College for Sisters was 100% in 2023, which is an amazing retention rate only the most prestigious institutions achieve.

Student Body

Making the decision of which school is the optimal fit for you is not easy. You can better understand the culture and life of the school by learning more about the student body.

Main Student Body

In 2023, the school enrolled 53 students.

That year, the institution had an out-of-state student body percentage of 20.


Before sending an application to any college or university, the financial component should be taken into consideration. The latest information on the expenses that most students at this school incur are detailed below.

Tuition and Fees

Wondering about tuition at Assumption College for Sisters? Here is what you need to know.

Tuition fees per academic year for full-time domestic students were $5,773 in 2023. Since this is a private institution, tuition is the same for all the accepted students.

Books and Supplies

The approximate cost of books and supplies for a college or university should also be taken into account as another important financial element. The approximate expense of books and supplies for full-time students of this school is $135.


Before you apply to a college or university, you should, among other things, think about the price of a dorm room and cafeteria meals. How much do room and board fees average around at colleges and universities?

In 2023, room and board cost at Assumption College for Sisters amounted to $6,240 a year.

Tuition $ 5,773
Room and Board $ 6,240
Book and Supplies $ 135
Total Expense $ 12,148



Student to Faculty Ratio

Getting information about the faculty at a school can help you estimate the quality of education you will receive there.

In 2023, this ratio at Assumption College for Sisters was 8:1. That means that there were 8 times more students than teachers at this school. The total number of faculty teaching at the institution is 13.

Campus Life

Not everything at Assumption College for Sisters is about learning and grades: campus life is an essential part of your educational experience. Check out some information about social life at Assumption College for Sisters.

Student Organizations

Being a member of a student organization will make you connect better with your fellow students and enjoy your college years more.

Student Services

At Assumption College for Sisters, there are many amenities required for a comfortable and safe life on campus.

24/7 emergency phone and alarm devices are available. All in all, campus life at Assumption College for Sisters is rich and vibrant and provides all you need for a comfortable stay.


Assumption College for Sisters is located in Denville, NJ.

The overall full-time tuition per academic year for Assumption College for Sisters is 5,773 USD, based on the most recent data.

According to the latest information, the freshman retention rate for Assumption College for Sisters is 100%.

Contact Information

Assumption College for Sisters,

200 A Morris Avenue

Denville, NJ


973 957-0188

School Website

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