Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury

Lake Elmo, MN

Rasmussen University's Lake Elmo/Woodbury campus is located in the scenic area of Woodbury, Minnesota. The campus offers a variety of programs and degrees in fields such as business, healthcare, technology, education, and justice studies. With a focus on providing students with practical skills and knowledge, Rasmussen University prepares graduates to enter the workforce and pursue successful careers in their desired industries.

The Lake Elmo/Woodbury campus features modern facilities and resources to support students in their academic journey. From state-of-the-art classrooms and computer labs to a comprehensive library and student support services, students have access to everything they need to excel in their studies. Additionally, Rasmussen University emphasizes hands-on learning through its experiential learning opportunities, internships, and networking events, allowing students to gain real-world experience and build professional connections.

Beyond academics, Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury campus offers a vibrant community for students. Student organizations and clubs provide opportunities for students to engage with like-minded peers and explore their interests outside of the classroom. The campus also hosts various events, workshops, and career fairs to further enhance students' personal growth, professional development, and networking opportunities. With its supportive faculty and staff, practical curriculum, and focus on career readiness, Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury campus is an excellent choice for students seeking a quality education and a pathway to a successful career.

Located in Lake Elmo, MN and set in a suburban environment, Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury is a private university. This school follows a quarterly calendar. It has an acceptance rate of 100%. Learn more about what Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury has to offer based on the most recent data this institution has reported.

Quick Facts


Total Number of Undergraduate Students


Acceptance Rate




In order to improve your chances of getting admitted, you need to know as much as possible about the institution's criteria for admission. What are the admission requirements for Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury?

According to the newest data, this institution uses standardized test scores for admission and it admitted 95 in 2022.

Student Body

It is always challenging to figure out which school is best for you. Knowing more about the student population can help you get a clearer picture of the school's culture and life.

Main Student Body

In 2022, the school enrolled 441 students.

The school reported an out-of-state student body portion of 23.4% for that year.

Student Population Gender Ratio

With a coeducational student body, the school had 32 male and 147 female full-time students in 2022.

Student Population Diversity

In order to enhance a sense of inclusion and belonging among its students, higher education is dedicated to increasing student diversity. A diverse student body brings together individuals from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Discover more about the many ethnic communities that go to this school.

In 2022, out of the total number of students enrolled at the institution, the number of students of Asian origin was 44, while the number of African American students was 61. 28 undergraduates at this school declared as Hispanic/Latino and 17 identified with more than one race. The school also had 1 student who identified as Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, and 1 American Indian or Alaska Native students. There were also 69 students whose ethnicity is unknown.


Financial planning for school is one of the most important things to think about before you apply. Here are some details you should know about the cost of attendance for Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury.

Tuition and Fees

Here are some numbers that can help you better understand the estimated tuition cost for this university.

Tuition in 2022 was $11,241 for full-time domestic students. Since Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury is a private institution, tuition is the same for all the accepted students. Full-time students in 2022 were required to pay additional fees in the amount of $2,097.

Books and Supplies

When you try to estimate the cost of attendance for a college or university, you need to think about the cost of books and supplies you're going to need. The cost of books and supplies for full-time students of this school is estimated at about $360.


Before you apply to a college or university, you should, among other things, think about the price of a dorm room and cafeteria meals. What do colleges and universities typically charge for accommodation and meals?

In 2022, room and board cost at Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury amounted to $9,936 a year.

Tuition $ 11,241
Room and Board $ 9,936
Book and Supplies $ 360
Total Expense $ 21,537

Career Services

Having career services at a college or university can mean a great deal for your career planning, so find out what you can expect at Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury.

Career Counselling

At Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury, there is both group career counseling for all students and individual career counseling for all students. There are a library, a job bank, and job fairs. Job interviews are also available to students through the career center. The career center offers resume preparation and resume referral to employers. The school has campus employer recruitment for all the students. Individual job placement is available to all students at this school.


Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury is located in Lake Elmo, MN.

According to the latest information, the tuition for Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury is 11,241 USD a year.

This school uses standardized test scores for admission.

The most recent reported acceptance rate for Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury is 100%.

Contact Information

Rasmussen University Lake Elmo/Woodbury,

8565 Eagle Point Circle

Lake Elmo, MN


651 259-6600

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