Pierce College

Philadelphia, PA

Pierce College District, located in Lakewood, Washington, is a two-year public college system that serves over 15,000 students annually. The district consists of two campuses, Puyallup and Fort Steilacoom, and offers a wide range of academic programs, including transfer degrees, professional and technical certificates, and continuing education options. With a commitment to providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality education, Pierce College District strives to empower students to achieve their academic and career goals.

At Pierce College District, students have the opportunity to pursue transfer degrees to seamlessly transfer to four-year institutions. The college offers a variety of associate degrees in fields such as business, social sciences, humanities, and sciences, providing a solid foundation for further education. Additionally, the district offers professional and technical certificates that allow students to gain specialized skills and enter the workforce quickly. These programs cover a range of disciplines, including healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, and business.

In addition to its academic offerings, Pierce College District provides various support services to facilitate student success. The college offers tutoring, counseling, career services, and financial aid assistance to help students navigate their educational journey. The district also emphasizes innovation and accessibility by offering online and hybrid courses, ensuring flexibility for students with diverse schedules. With a rich array of programs and resources, Pierce College District is dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students.

Located in Philadelphia, PA and set in a suburban environment, Pierce College is a public two-year college with graduate programs. Its campus spans 140 acres. This school follows a semester-based calendar. The freshman retention rate at Pierce College is 100%.

To find out more about what Pierce College has to offer to its students, read on for the latest data reported by this school.

Quick Facts


Total Number of Undergraduate Students


Student to Faculty Ratio


If you know as much as possible about the school's criteria for admission, you can make a better judgment about your eligibility and boost your chances of getting accepted. What are the admission requirements for Pierce College?

As far as admission difficulty is considered, based on data self-reported by the institution this school is relatively noncompetitive.

Retention Rate

The freshman retention rate is the percentage of college or university newcomers who return for their sophomore year. Why is that information important? Because it tells you if the majority of freshmen enjoyed their first year at a school enough to come back.

As reported in 2022, the freshman retention rate for Pierce College was 100%, which is an amazing retention rate only the most prestigious institutions achieve.

Student Body

Figuring out which school is the right fit for you is not a task you should take lightly. Obtaining a better insight into a school's student body helps you learn more about its culture and life.

Main Student Body

In 2022, the institution had an enrollment of 875 students.

The school reported an out-of-state student body portion of 12% for that year.

Student Population Gender Ratio

The student body is coeducational, with 47 male and 144 female full-time students in 2022, which speaks volumes for gender equality at this institution. This school had 1 full-time graduate male and 8 full-time graduate female students at this school.


The financial aspect is one of the most important things to consider before applying to any college or university. Here are some important data on Pierce College costs that most students encounter at this school.

Tuition and Fees

Here are some facts that can be useful if you were curious about Pierce College estimated tuition costs.

According to the reports from public county and municipal institutions, tuition fees were $3,727 for area residents. For out-of-state students, tuition fees amounted to $4,180. Tuition costs at Pierce College for international students added up to $4,180. Fees per academic year required of full-time students amounted to $177 in 2022.

Tuition Fees Total
Out-of-State $4,180 $177 $4,357
In-State $3,727 $177 $3,904

Books and Supplies

Another important expense to take into consideration is the approximate cost of books and supplies for a college or university. The approximate cost of books and supplies for a full-time student of this school is $1,000.


Before you apply to a college or university, you should, among other things, think about the price of a dorm room and cafeteria meals. What do schools typically charge for room and board?

At Pierce College, the 2022 annual cost of room and board (on campus) was $6,376. The estimated expense of room-only (on campus) for commuters not living at home was $3,400.

Tuition $ 3,727
Room and Board $ 6,376
Book and Supplies $ 1,000
Total Expense $ 11,103



Student to Faculty Ratio

Knowing more about a school's faculty can help you gauge the caliber of the education it can provide to you.

According to the most recent data, the student-faculty ratio at Pierce College was 25:1: that means 25 students per one teacher. This school has recently reported to have 164 faculty members. Out of that number, there were 59 men and 85 women. The fact that female faculty members outnumber the male ones at this school is telling of the importance gender equality has at Pierce College.

Student Population Diversity Graph


Campus Life

It is not all about learning and grades at Pierce College: campus life is a crucial component of your educational experience. Check out some info about students' life at Pierce College.

Student Organizations

Student organizations are run by students of an institution, and its membership typically consists only of current students and/or alumni.

This school has 20 open-membership student organizations you can participate in. Other popular organizations at Pierce College are Phi Theta Kappa and Student Life.

Student Services

Pierce College offers a number of services needed for a comfortable and secure life on campus.

There are 24-hour emergency phone and alarm devices. There is a 24-hour security patrol. In addition, other services like Veteran's Affairs are available to the students of Pierce College.

All in all, campus life at Pierce College is rich and vibrant and provides all you need for a comfortable stay.

Career Services

Having career services at a college or university can mean a great deal for your career planning, so find out what you can expect at Pierce College.

Career Counselling

At Pierce College, there is both group career counseling for all students and individual career counseling for all students. There are a library, a job bank, and job fairs. There is campus employer recruitment for all the students.


Pierce College is located in Philadelphia, PA.

According to the latest information, the freshman retention rate for Pierce College is 100%.

Contact Information

Pierce College,

1608 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA


215 545-6400

School Website

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