Kingswood University

Sussex, NB

Kingswood University is a private comprehensive higher education institution located in Sussex, NB. Its campus is 57 acres in size. This academic institution uses a semester-based calendar. It has an acceptance rate of 40%. The freshman retention rate at Kingswood University is 73%.

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Quick Facts


Total Number of Undergraduate Students


Acceptance Rate




In order to increase your chances of getting admitted, you need to know as much as possible about the university's criteria for admission. Check out some essential information about admission at Kingswood University.

According to the most recent information reported, this institution uses standardized test scores for admission and it admitted 70 in 2021. Looking at entrance difficulty level for all or most incoming freshmen, based on data self-reported by the institution this school is moderately difficult to get into.

Test Scores

Out of the number of those who submitted test scores, the percentage of first-time, first-year degree-seeking students who submitted SAT scores was 11% and ACT scores 3%.

Retention Rate

What is the freshman retention rate? The freshman retention rate is the percentage of full-time students who entered the institution as freshmen in the previous academic year and returned for the fall term of the current academic year. Why is that information important? Because it tells you if the majority of freshmen enjoyed their first year at a school enough to come back.

As reported in 2021, the freshman retention rate for Kingswood University was 73%, a clear indication of the excellence and value of the educational experience at this school.

Student Body

Picking a school that is the best place for you is not a simple task. Obtaining a better insight into a school's student body helps you learn more about its culture and life.

Main Student Body

In 2021, the institution had an enrollment of 199 students.

The school reported an out-of-state student body portion of 62% for that year. The number of transfer students at this school was 9.

Student Population Gender Ratio

The student body is coeducational, with 84 male and 94 female full-time students in 2021, which speaks volumes for gender equality at this institution. 3 full-time graduate men and 3 full-time graduate women attended this school.


Financial planning for school is one of the most important things to consider before you apply. The latest information on the expenses that most students at this school incur are detailed below.

Tuition and Fees

Here are some facts that can be useful if you were curious about Kingswood University estimated tuition price.

As a full-time domestic student, you were required to pay tuition of CAN$11,600 in 2021. Kingswood University is a private institution, so tuition is the same for all the accepted students. Full-time students in 2021 were required to pay additional fees in the amount of CAN$440.


When choosing a college, you should factor in the price of a dorm room and meals at the school cafeteria. What do colleges and universities typically charge for accommodation and meals?

In 2021, room and board cost at Kingswood University amounted to CAN$7,700 a year. The cost of a dorm room only at this school in 2021 added up to CAN$2,850 for one academic year.

Tuition $ 11,600
Room and Board $ 7,700
Total Expense $ 19,300

Financial Aid

Financial help for students comes in different forms: grants, loans, scholarships, or work-study programs. If you wish to find out more about need-based and non-need-based aid at Kingswood University, here are some recent data you should consider.


Need-based aid is financial aid that a student can receive if they are determened to have financial need and meet other eligibility criteria.

Need-based college-administered scholarship and grant aid at Kingswood University is available to international students.

Campus Life

Knowing what to expect out of campus life at a college or university can set you up for success. Find out some information about campus life at Kingswood University.

Student Organizations

Participating in multiple student organizations can add depth and fulfillment to your educational journey.

This school has 6 open-membership student organizations you can participate in. The student organization that is most favored by students is Student Global Impact Association, followed by Athletic Association and Spiritual Life Association. Other popular organizations at Kingswood University are Student Fellowship Association and Outreach Association.

For students with a talent for acting, there is a drama club.

Student Services

At Kingswood University, there are many amenities that make life on campus comfortable and safe.

The school's dormitory entrances are operated electronically. All in all, campus life at Kingswood University is rich and vibrant and provides everything most students need.


Kingswood University is located in Sussex, NB.

Kingswood University offers need-based college-administered scholarship and grant aid to international students.

According to the latest information, you would need to pay about 11,600 CAD per academic year for Kingswood University.

This school uses standardized test scores for admission.

The most recent data indicate that the acceptance rate for Kingswood University is 40%.

The most recent reported freshman retention rate for Kingswood University is 73%.

Contact Information

Kingswood University,

26 Western Street

Sussex, NB

E4E 5L2

506 432-4400

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