Interior Designers Institute

Newport Beach, CA

The graduate school at Interior Designers Institute (IDI) offers a comprehensive and rigorous education in the field of interior design. With a focus on creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and industry-relevant skills, IDI prepares students to become highly skilled interior designers. The program emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical application, allowing students to develop a well-rounded understanding of the discipline.

The curriculum at IDI's graduate school covers a wide range of topics, including design theory, spatial planning, materials and finishes, lighting, sustainability, and design history. Students engage in hands-on projects, collaborating with faculty and industry professionals to develop their design skills and techniques. The program also offers opportunities for internships and industry connections, allowing students to gain real-world experience and build a professional network.

Graduates from IDI's graduate school are well-prepared to enter the interior design industry or pursue further academic studies. With a strong emphasis on developing design thinking and problem-solving skills, students gain the confidence and expertise to create innovative and functional interior spaces. The graduate school at Interior Designers Institute offers a dynamic and comprehensive education that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the field of interior design.

Located in Newport Beach, CA and set in a suburban environment, Interior Designers Institute is a private comprehensive higher education institution. Its campus spans 1 acres. This school follows a quarterly calendar. The six-year graduation rate at Interior Designers Institute is 100%.

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Quick Facts


Total Number of Undergraduate Students




Student to Faculty Ratio


Graduation Rate


In order to maximize your chances of getting admitted, you need to know as much as possible about the school's criteria for admission. Here are the most important facts you need to know about admission policy and requirements at Interior Designers Institute.

As far as admission difficulty is considered, based on data self-reported by the institution this school is relatively noncompetitive. The graduation rate is another indicator to take into account. It provides valuable insight into the percentage of students who complete their studies within a designated timeframe. At this academic institution, the proportion of students graduating in six years is 100%, which is considered an above-average graduation rate.

Student Body

Making the decision of which school is the optimal fit for you is not simple. You can get a better insight into a school's culture and life by learning more about its student body.

Main Student Body

The overall number of students enrolled at Interior Designers Institute in 2021 was 144.

The total number of undergraduate students enrolled at the institution was 139, 3 of which were foreign students. The number of transfer students at this school was 3.

Student Population Gender Ratio

With a coeducational student body, the school had 1 male and 61 female full-time students in 2021.

Student Population Diversity

Higer Education is committed to expanding the diversity of its student population and improving students' sense of inclusion and belonging. An inclusive student body brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Find out more about different ethnic groups you can meet at Interior Designers Institute.

This school had 19 Asian students and 4 Afro-American students in 2021. 20 undergrads at this school declared as Hispanic/Latino and 14 as multirace.


One of the most crucial things to take into account when applying to any college or university is the financial component. The most recent data reported regarding the expenses for attending this school are detailed below.

Tuition and Fees

Wondering about tuition at Interior Designers Institute? Here is what you need to know.

In 2021, tuition amounted to $19,950 for all full-time domestic students. Interior Designers Institute is a private institution, so tuition is the same for all the accepted students. Fees per academic year required of full-time students reached $300 in 2021.

Books and Supplies

The estimated price of books and supplies for a college or university should also be taken into account as another significant financial factor. The estimated expense of books and supplies for a full-time student of this school is $1,510.


Before you apply to a college or university, you should, among other things, think about the price of a dorm room and cafeteria meals. What do colleges and universities typically charge for accommodation and meals?

The estimated expense of room-only (on campus) for commuters not living at home was $10,305.

Tuition $ 19,950
Book and Supplies $ 1,510
Total Expense $ 21,460



Student to Faculty Ratio

The student-to-faculty ratio can tell you a lot about the teaching resources a school provides for its students.

In 2021, this ratio at Interior Designers Institute was 5:1. That means that there were 5 times more students than teachers at this school. The total number of faculty teaching at the institution is 18. Out of that number, there were 7 male and 12 female faculty members. The fact that female faculty members outnumber the male ones at this school is telling of the importance gender equality has at Interior Designers Institute.

Student Population Diversity Graph


Campus Life

Not everything at Interior Designers Institute is about learning and grades: campus life is an essential part of your educational experience. Find out some information about social life at Interior Designers Institute.

Student Organizations

Being a member of a student organization will make you connect better with your fellow students and enjoy your college years more.

This school has 2 open-membership student organizations you can participate in. 10 percent of male and 30 of female students are active in different organizations at Interior Designers Institute. Other popular organizations among the students at Interior Designers Institute are IIDA and ASID.

Student Services

Interior Designers Institute has a number of services crucial for a pleasant and safe life on campus.

The after-hours transportation/escort service is available.

All in all, campus life at Interior Designers Institute is rich and vibrant and provides everything most students need.

Career Services

Having career services at a college or university can mean a great deal for your career planning, so find out what you can expect at Interior Designers Institute.

Career Counselling

There are a library and a job bank. Individual job placement is available to all students at this school.


Interior Designers Institute is located in Newport Beach, CA.

According to the latest information, you would need to pay about 19,950 USD per academic year for Interior Designers Institute.

Contact Information

Interior Designers Institute,

1061 Camelback Road

Newport Beach, CA


949 675-4451

School Website

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