Great Lakes Institute of Technology

Erie, PA

Great Lakes Institute of Technology is a private, for-profit institution located in Erie, Pennsylvania. Established in 1965, the institute is renowned for offering career-focused education and training programs in various healthcare and technology fields. The institute is committed to providing students with hands-on training and real-world experience to help them succeed in their chosen careers.

The Great Lakes Institute of Technology offers a wide range of programs to meet the demands of today's job market. These programs include healthcare specializations such as dental assisting, medical billing and coding, pharmacy technician, and surgical technology. Additionally, the institute offers technology-focused programs like computer programming, network systems administration, and web design. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their fields upon graduation.

One of the key advantages of Great Lakes Institute of Technology is its emphasis on practical training. The institute offers extensive lab facilities equipped with modern equipment and technology, enabling students to gain hands-on experience. Moreover, they also provide clinical externships and internships in partnership with local healthcare facilities and technology companies, allowing students to apply their skills in a real-world setting. This focus on practical experience ensures that graduates are prepared to meet the demands of their respective industries and is a standout feature of the institute.

Great Lakes Institute of Technology is a private two-year college with graduate programs located in Erie, PA. Its campus spans 1 acres. This educational institution operates on a quarterly calendar. To find out more about what Great Lakes Institute of Technology has to offer to its students, read on for the latest data reported by this school.

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The financial aspect is one of the most important things to think about before applying to any college or university. The latest information on the expenses that most students at this school incur are detailed below.

Tuition and Fees

Wondering about tuition at Great Lakes Institute of Technology? Here is what you need to know.

Tuition in 2021 was $18,480 for full-time domestic students. Great Lakes Institute of Technology is a private institution, so tuition is the same for all the accepted students.


When choosing a college, you should factor in the price of a dorm room and meals at the school cafeteria. What do schools typically charge for room and board?

The cost of a dorm room only at this school in 2021 added up to $14,490 for one academic year.

Tuition $ 18,480
Total Expense $ 18,480


Great Lakes Institute of Technology is located in Erie, PA.

According to the latest information, the tuition for Great Lakes Institute of Technology is 18,480 USD a year.

Contact Information

Great Lakes Institute of Technology,

5100 Peach Street

Erie, PA


814 456-6217

School Website

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