Grace Mission University

Fullerton, CA

The graduate school at Grace Mission University is a prestigious institution that offers a wide range of programs for students seeking to further their education and advance their careers. With a commitment to academic excellence and a focus on professional development, the graduate school is dedicated to preparing students for success in their chosen fields.

At Grace Mission University, students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of graduate programs across different disciplines. These programs are designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of their field of study, as well as the practical skills necessary for professional success. Whether students are interested in business, healthcare, theology, or counseling, the graduate school offers rigorous and innovative programs tailored to meet their specific needs.

In addition to its academic offerings, the graduate school at Grace Mission University also provides a supportive and inclusive learning environment. With experienced faculty who are experts in their respective fields, students can expect to receive personalized attention and guidance throughout their graduate studies. The university also offers a range of resources and support services to help students succeed, including research opportunities, internships, and career counseling. Overall, the graduate school at Grace Mission University provides a comprehensive educational experience that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary for a successful and fulfilling career.

Grace Mission University is a private university located in Fullerton, CA. This institution follows a semester-based calendar. Here are some latest information on important things to consider about Grace Mission University.

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Before you submit an application to any college or university, you should take into account the financial component. Here are some details you should know about the cost of attendance for Grace Mission University.

Tuition and Fees

Here are some facts that can be useful if you were curious about Grace Mission University estimated tuition price.

Tuition in 2021 was $8,100 for full-time domestic students. Grace Mission University is a private institution, so tuition is the same for all the accepted students. Fees per academic year required of full-time students summed up to $340 in 2021.

Tuition $ 8,100
Total Expense $ 8,100


Grace Mission University is located in Fullerton, CA.

According to the latest information, the tuition for Grace Mission University is 8,100 USD a year.

Contact Information

Grace Mission University,

1645 West Valencia Drive

Fullerton, CA


714 525-0088

School Website

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