Community College of the Air Force

Gunter Annex, AL

The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is a federally-chartered institution that provides educational programs to active-duty Air Force personnel and selected members of other military branches. Established in 1972, CCAF offers associate degree programs in various fields of study, including aviation maintenance, aerospace operations, human resource management, and intelligence studies. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and focuses on providing highly relevant and applicable education that aligns with the needs of the Air Force.

CCAF offers its programs both on campus and through distance learning, making it accessible to military personnel stationed around the world. The college aims to enhance the professional development of airmen and equips them with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their respective careers. With a curriculum that combines general education courses, career-related courses, and hands-on training, CCAF provides a comprehensive education that prepares students for the rapidly changing demands of the Air Force and the broader civilian workforce.

Moreover, CCAF has established partnerships with numerous civilian institutions, allowing students to transfer credits earned at the college towards a bachelor's degree program. These partnerships create pathways for airmen to continue their education and advance their careers, whether within the military or in civilian sectors. Overall, the Community College of the Air Force plays a pivotal role in supporting the professional growth of military personnel, ensuring they receive high-quality education and training to excel in their careers while serving their nation.

Located in Gunter Annex, AL and set in a suburban environment, Community College of the Air Force is a public two-year college with graduate programs. This educational institution operates on a continuous calendar. It has an acceptance rate of 100%. Discover more about what you can expect if you get into Community College of the Air Force.

Quick Facts


Total Number of Undergraduate Students


Acceptance Rate


You need to discover as much as you can about the entrance requirements of the university in order to maximize your chances of being accepted. Read on to find out some vital data about admission policy and requirements at Community College of the Air Force.

In 2023, the school accepted 31,231 new students. As far as admission difficulty is considered, based on data self-reported by the institution this school is relatively noncompetitive.

Student Body

Choosing a school that is the best place for you is not a simple task. Knowing more about the student population can help you get a better idea of the school's culture and life.

Main Student Body

In 2023, the school enrolled 268,763 students.

Student Population Gender Ratio

The student body is coeducational, with 218,541 male and 50,222 female full-time students in 2023.


Campus Life

Not everything at Community College of the Air Force is about learning and grades: campus life is an essential part of your educational experience. Check out some info about social life at Community College of the Air Force.

Student Services

Community College of the Air Force has a number of services needed for a pleasant and safe life on campus.

24/7 emergency phone and alarm devices are available. There is a security patrol that operates around the clock. There is a health clinic with personal/psychological counseling. In addition, other services like Legal Services are available to the students of Community College of the Air Force.

All in all, campus life at Community College of the Air Force is rich and vibrant and provides all you need for a comfortable stay.

Career Services

Having career services at a college or university can mean a great deal for your career planning, so find out what you can expect at Community College of the Air Force.

Career Counselling

At Community College of the Air Force, there is both group career counseling for all students and individual career counseling for all students. There are a job bank and job fairs. Job interviews are also available to students through the career center.


Community College of the Air Force is located in Gunter Annex, AL.

The most recent data indicate that the acceptance rate for Community College of the Air Force is 100%.

Contact Information

Community College of the Air Force,

CCAF/DESS, 100 South Turner Boulevard

Gunter Annex, AL


334 649-5000

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