Centra College of Nursing

Lynchburg, VA

Centra College of Nursing is a highly respected educational institution located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Established in 1987, the college is affiliated with Centra Health, one of the leading healthcare systems in the region. The college offers a comprehensive range of nursing programs, including a practical nursing program, an associate degree in nursing program, and a registered nurse to bachelor of science in nursing (RN to BSN) program.

The practical nursing program at Centra College of Nursing provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to begin their careers as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). With a curriculum that combines classroom instruction, laboratory experiences, and clinical rotations in various healthcare settings, students gain a solid foundation in nursing principles and practices. Additionally, the associate degree in nursing program prepares students to become Registered Nurses (RNs) and offers them opportunities to develop critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and leadership skills through hands-on experiences and theoretical instruction.

Furthermore, Centra College of Nursing offers an RN to BSN program for registered nurses who are seeking to advance their careers and professional development. This program is designed to enable working nurses to enhance their knowledge and skills through flexible online coursework while maintaining their employment. With a focus on evidence-based practice, leadership, and advanced nursing concepts, the RN to BSN program prepares nurses to meet the challenges of contemporary healthcare and expand their career opportunities. Overall, Centra College of Nursing is committed to providing high-quality nursing education that prepares graduates to excel in the dynamic healthcare field.

Located in Lynchburg, VA, Centra College of Nursing is a private four-year college. This institution follows a semester-based calendar. Discover more about what you can expect if you get into Centra College of Nursing.

Quick Facts


Total Number of Undergraduate Students



Student Body

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Main Student Body

The overall number of students enrolled at Centra College of Nursing in 2022 was 314.

Student Population Gender Ratio

The student body is coeducational, with 2 male and 40 female full-time students in 2022, which is indicative of the importance this institution places on gender equality.

Student Population Diversity

When it comes to improving a sense of inclusion and belonging among students, there is no denying the importance of student diversity. In a diverse learning space, you will be exposed to people from different backgrounds, which promotes the feeling of inclusion and acceptance. Discover more about the many ethnic communities that go to this school.

In 2022, out of the total number of students enrolled at the institution, the number of Asian students was 0, while the number of African American students was 10. There were also 181 students whose ethnicity is unknown.


Financial planning for school is one of the most important things to consider before you apply. Here are some details you should know about the expenses at Centra College of Nursing that the majority of students face.

Tuition and Fees

Wondering about tuition at Centra College of Nursing? Here is what you need to know.

As a full-time domestic student, you were required to pay tuition of $12,600 in 2022. As this is a private institution, there is no difference in tuition for out-of-state or international students. Fees per academic year required of full-time students summed up to $2,320 in 2022.

Books and Supplies

Another important expense to consider is the estimated cost of books and supplies for a college or university. The cost of books and supplies for full-time students of this school is estimated at about $1,628.


When choosing a college, you should factor in the price of a dorm room and meals at the school cafeteria. What do colleges and universities typically charge for accommodation and meals?

The cost of room and board (on campus) per academic year at Centra College of Nursing was $11,252 in 2022.

Tuition $ 12,600
Room and Board $ 11,252
Book and Supplies $ 1,628
Total Expense $ 25,480


Centra College of Nursing is located in Lynchburg, VA.

The overall full-time tuition per academic year for Centra College of Nursing is 12,600 USD, based on the most recent data.

Contact Information

Centra College of Nursing,

905 Lakeside Drive

Lynchburg, VA


434 947-3070

School Website

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